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Pain relief is high on many peopleís complain lists when they go to see their doctor. So many times I hear someone say ďIíve had this pain for years, but Iíve learned to live with it.Ē I hate hearing that. Nobody should have to live with chronic pain.

Pain relief often comes in the form of prescription pain killers or muscle relaxants or both. Most people donít want to take them because of their side effects but they do it because they want to eliminate their pain. Other people have tried so many things with little or no help. They feel that they have no other choice but to live with the pain. Chiropractic helps but sometimes the pain returns. Physical therapy has the same results. So what do you do?

People need to realize that yes there are a lot of chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and acupuncturists but:
∑         There are also a lot of techniques for each modality. If youíve tried one practitioner and you didnít get any relief, try another that does a different technique.
∑         Try two or three of these modalities simultaneously. Sometimes it takes a village to get better.
∑         Itís OK to take pain medication while youíre trying something else. It can keep your mind off the pain so you can go to work every day. As you get better, you can work with your doctor to decrease your dose.

Iíve been a lot of patientsí last resort and have helped them to get pain relief. Knee pain, wrist pain and other joint problems usually respond quite well to acupuncture. Neck and back pain also respond well and are the main reason people seek out acupuncturists.

Itís best to see an acupuncturist as soon as the pain manifests. When you do that the problem resolves itself fast and returns less frequently if at all. If youíve lived with the pain for ten, twenty years or longer, itís still not too late. Acupuncture can still be a very effective treatment.

My practice techniques include Traditional Chinese needling, Dr. Tan method of treatment and Japanese style of needling. I also use Tuina, or Chinese Medical massage, Swedish massage, cupping and electro-acupuncture to turbo-charge the treatments.

Donít give up. There are a lot of ways to Pain Relief.