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Neck Pain is one of the two most common reasons why someone seeks out an acupuncturist. Itís one of the two main problems I see in most every patient that comes to me. Whether itís the main cause or not varies widely.

Neck Pain is caused by many different reasons. Stress, trauma, sleeping in a bad position, allergies, and athletics are just a few. The neck is the most common place people hold their stress. If you find yourself waking up with a stiff neck, that is a symptom of stress. If you were in a car accident and didnít get treated, whiplash can cause the muscles in your neck to tighten and they wonít relax. Many types of trauma such as athletics, a slip and fall on ice, and so on can also cause whiplash.
Once there is a problem with the neck it becomes a weak place in the body. Weak places will be a hot spot for more problems. Thatís why once someone sprains an ankle it gets injured over and over. The same thing can happen with the neck.

Neck pain can also cause other problems, most notably headaches. Itís a major cause of headaches, especially if the headache begins at the back of the head and moves up into the forehead. This type of headache responds very well to a combination of acupuncture and chiropractic.

Things that make neck pain worse would be sitting at a computer all day. The lack of movement combined with the muscle tension needed to keep your head in the same position causes the muscles to tense. If this scenario is repeated over and over the muscles will not relax even when you sleep.

Another cause of neck pain is degenerative disc disease or a bulging disc. These spine problems cause the muscles to tighten which helps to protect the spine. But it only transfers the pain from the spine to the muscles adjacent to the problem area. Quite often the neck pain will only add to the pain in the spine.

Treating neck pain is second nature to most acupuncturists. If you wake every morning with a stiff and sore neck, if you get headaches at the back of your neck, give me a call. I can help to relieve some of your neck pain.