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Herbal Medicine has been around for thousands and thousands of years. The mummified remains of the man in Austria had plant material in his pouch believed to be medicinal plants for his health conditions. Many of our current prescription medications originated from plants. For decades we moved away from taking our mothers’ home remedies, but now we are realizing how effective those simple tonics are without annoying side effects.

Herbal Medicine can be highly effective, especially for minor problems such as gas and bloating after meals, minor insomnia and minor anxiety. Beyond the simple preparations of chamomile or peppermint tea is a whole pharmacopeia of medicinal therapies. Naturopaths have their own paradigm of herbals and medicine. Chinese herbal medicine is vastly different but no less effective. My training consists of pharmacological, Western and Eastern knowledge, herbal and prescription drug interactions as well as some dietary tidbits.

I like to start with changing up the diet then if it’s necessary look to herbal medicine for relief. The Chinese have formulas for:
·         Fatigue                                                                                
·         Low Back Pain
·         Allergies
·         Menstrual problems
·         Edema
·         Hypo or hyperthyroid
·         IBS
·         Crohn’s Disease
·         Ulcerative Colitis
·         Headaches
·         Colds, The Flu or other minor infections
·         Anxiety or Stress
·         Depression
·         High Blood Pressure
·         High Cholesterol
·         Weight Loss
·         And so many more conditions…

I use two different forms of herbal preparations. There are the tried and true herbal formulas created centuries ago that are still used today in pill form. But most people don’t come in a ‘canned’ form or have text book symptoms. In those situations I also work with powdered herbs and herbal formulas to create individual formulas for each person. For an additional fee I can encapsulate the powder for easier consumption.

Hippocrates believed that food was more important than medication and would prescribe dietary changes, fresh air and relaxation before medicines. I also believe in this and help people with lifestyle changes but I also encourage my patients to take herbal formulas because it helps to get them better faster. The next time you need to seek out treatment, think about adding a formula of Herbal Medicine.