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Headaches come all shapes and sizes. There are the occasional headaches, the daily headache, or the headaches that go away when you drink enough water or eat something. Then there’s the severe migraine that keeps you in bed for days, or the cluster headaches that come on one after another. There are the ice pick headaches and the back of the neck headaches. They all have one thing in common; they keep you from living your life.

Headaches cause millions of people to miss work, social or family events. In a 2007 survey conducted by the National Headache Foundation, “94% of headache sufferers have skipped a family or social event due to a headache. Additionally, 87% of respondents admitted to missing a day of work because of a headache.”

Millions of people all over the world suffer from some type of headache, the most common of which are Migraines, tension headaches and cervicogenic headaches. Stress is a major trigger as is allergies and whiplash for all three.

Migraines are usually debilitating with severe sensitivity to light and sound. The pain is usually sharp and stabbing. Many people experience visual disturbances known as auras that partially blind them for a period of time before the headache itself comes on. The pain can be on one side of the head but has been known to travel. The pain often causes nausea and vomiting. Those who are more observant start to notice the precursors of a headache. These symptoms manifest as severe irritability, loss of time, or memory lapses.

Tension headaches are the most common and often are caused by stress. They usually start in the back of the head and move up to the temples. The pain is more of a pressure that throbs.

Cervicogenic headaches are mostly caused by whiplash or tight muscles in the neck and shoulders that cause pain to radiate up into the head. It can also be caused by dislocated vertebrae, degenerative vertebral discs or bulging discs.

Sinus headaches are also effectively treated by Acupuncture and herbal medicine. Acupuncture quickly and effectively opens the sinuses, reduces inflammation and expels mucus. Herbal medicine can eliminate infections quickly and without drowsiness or other side effects of over the counter medications.

Acupuncturists need to know more than just that you’re having a headache. We want to know where in the head you’re having the pain, what time of day they occur, is the pain dull or sharp. You’ll be asked if you have any allergies, do you get headaches after eating something with wheat or dairy, pineapple or peanuts. Maybe you get headaches only in the spring time but they are severely debilitating.

You are an individual and your headaches are different from everyone else. One thing is for sure; something in your life is causing them. A properly trained acupuncturist will not only treat your symptoms she will also look for the root cause and help you to eliminate it from your life.

If you’re willing to make a few changes you too can become pain free. Quite often if you come in to see an acupuncturist with a headache you will leave without one. There are great acupuncture treatments as well as herbal formulas to eliminate your pain.

If you have been suffering with headaches, decide to take back control of your life. Say goodbye to headaches