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Allergy cure cannot be guaranteed. But a relief of your allergy symptoms can happen. Allergies can be caused by most anything you can think of. Of course everyone is familiar with the allergies to grass, flower and tree pollen as well as mold spores, dust and a large variety of foods. But did you know you can have allergic reactions to cotton and wool, changes in the weather, fluorescent lighting and even vitamins and minerals? Most people who suffer from allergies donít even realize that is the cause of their problem.

Allergy cure? Allergies can manifest in numerous ways from sinus stuffiness to joint pain, headaches to digestive upset. It can also cause asthma, psoriasis and eczema. People with foot and nail fungus may have an allergy to the material their socks are made from.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine has been every effective in managing peoplesí symptoms for allergies but there is a wonderful technique that has been developed that can actually eliminate and cure allergies.

The technique, called NAET, was developed by a doctor of Chiropractic medicine as well as Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. If done properly and completely, this technique can eliminate your symptoms, in most cases permanently. Or it just seems like itís permanent. People across the world have gone through the program and have emerged symptom free for years, even decades. Dr. Devi Nambudripad, the creator of the technique, has found links to allergies and virtually any condition and has had amazing success. She teaches practitioners the protocol she has developed in order to reach more people.

Things you wouldnít even think of as an allergy can keep you from enjoying life. If you love your spouse but canít seem to get along, or if all you do with your child is argue and butt heads, you may have an allergy to one another. Are you taking prescription medication but the problem still exists? Or maybe your doctor has to constantly change your dosage? It could be that youíre allergic to your medication. NAET can help you and your doctor to find the right medication, or if treated for the medication it will work properly.

A short list of conditions NAET treats is as follows:

∑         Sinus stuffiness and headaches
∑         Migraines
∑         Neck Pain
∑         Low Back Pain
∑         Joint Pain
∑         IBS
∑         Ulcerative Colitis
∑         Crohnís Disease
∑         Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
∑         Celiac Disease
∑         Psoriasis and Eczema
∑         Anxiety
∑         Depression
∑         Acne
∑         Asthma
∑         Addictions
∑         And moreÖ

If you would like to know more about NAET, visit, contact me, or check the Activities page of the website for upcoming public talks on allergies. Remember, relief can happen but we cannot guarantee an Allergy Cure.