Acupuncture Seattle
Acupuncture Seattle
Allergies manifest in numerous symptoms. The most common is the sinus problems;
congestion, runny nose, sinus headaches and such. There are the less commonly known
symptoms such as migraine headaches, gastric upset, even as severe as an anaphylactic
Allergies cause is more controversial. The way one medical practitioner explains it is quite
ingenious and easy to understand.
As we all know, there are multiple circulatory systems such as blood, lymph and electric (or the
nervous system). There are other smaller systems but these are the ones most everyone knows
about. Now think of these systems as major highways, minor freeways and roads that
accommodate thousands of cars. An accident can happen anywhere on the roads. That will
create a backup behind the accident and little if any traffic in front of it. It takes a team of
specialists as well as time to clear the accident.
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They cause accidents within our bodyís highways and roadways of circulatory systems. The block can
happen anywhere in the body. Thatís why some peopleís allergies cause sinus problems while others
cause stomach upsets while still others cause joint pains. There are a lot of specialists out there to help
clear out the block as well as the backup. If you donít find someone to clear the blockage, the backup
grows and grows causing problems in other places.
Specialists can help, but are they treating the problems in other places as well as the original blockage
or are they just treating the symptomatic problems? Can your symptoms go away and never come
back? If youíve said no to either of these questions, consider another type of treatment thatís been I
practice for about thirty years now: NAET. A specialist in this technique can eliminate your allergies.